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EARLY DETECTION FOR SKIN CANCER What is early detection or screening for a type of cancer? Early detection or screening for a type of cancer is the process of looking for a specific type of cancer in its early stages, even before it causes any symptoms. In some types of cancer, the physician can evaluate… Continuar lendo EARLY DETECTION FOR SKIN CANCER

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BREAST CANCER How are the breasts:  The breasts are glands and their main function is to produce milk.  They are composed of lobes that are divided into smaller portions – lobules and ducts – which carry the milk produced outside the nipple. Like all other organs of the human body, breasts are also made of… Continuar lendo BREAST CANCER

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LUNG CANCER alternative names: Bronchial Carcinoma, neoplasia pulmonary malignant, malignant tumor of the lung. What it is? The lung cancer is the most common of the malignant tumors, presenting an increase per year of 2% in its worldwide incidence. Mortality for this tumor is very elevated and the prognostic of this illness is related to… Continuar lendo LUNG CANCER


ASEXUALITY What is it? Virtually a self-explaining designation, but it should distinguished from celibacy, which is the deliberate abstention from sexual activity. That is, while in celibacy one choses deprivation of sexual intimacy, even though there is a desire, asexuality is an intrinsic part of the condition of the individual involved. Non-sexual people have not… Continuar lendo ASEXUALITY

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SEXUAL THERAPY Very effective procedure performed by a sex therapist, professional – doctor or psychologist – specializing in the treatment of sexual disorders, able to clarify the physical problems and / or emotional problems related to such demands. It is worth noting that, often, even if a disorder has a strictly organic character, it does… Continuar lendo SEXUAL THERAPY

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MASTURBATION Luciana Parisotto, MD., M.A. Clinical Medicine in Neurology of the Sexual Behavior.   Prejudices x sexual health Masturbation is defined as sexual self-gratification, and this is not associated exclusively to the stimulation of the genitals, as most people believe. In a one-year old infant, for instance, self-gratification relies on oral satisfaction. That is, self-manipulation… Continuar lendo MASTURBATION


HEALTHY AND PLEASANT SEX LIFE Luciana Parisotto, MD., M.A. in Medical Clinic in Neurology of the Sexual Behavior.   Nobody has an innate knowledge about sex, learn with your body! One of the major causes of sexual problems dwells on misinformation and ignorance of your own body. If I don't know how I respond to… Continuar lendo HEALTHY AND PLEASANT SEX LIFE


HEMORRHOIDS   Pedro Gus, MD., Proctology. Full Professor of Surgery at the Rio Grande do Sul State University School of Medicine (UFRGS).   Hemorrhoids are swollen veins (varicose) in the rectum and anal canal. They may present with symptoms or not. The symptoms and signs range in number and intensity. There may be pain, bleeding,… Continuar lendo HEMORRHOIDS


ERYSIPELAS Alternative name: streptococcal lymphangitis What s it? It s a skin infection usually caused by group A Streoptococcus pyogenes bacteria, but it can also be caused by other streptococci or even staphylococci. How does it develop? From a lesion caused by fungi (athlete s foot) between the toes, skin scratches, blisters in the feet… Continuar lendo ERYSIPELAS