FLATULENCE AND ERUCTATION What’s it? Eructation is the usually noisy release through the mouth of the air contained in the esophagus and stomach. Generally, this occurs after meals, when the stomach is more full, and the transit from the esophagus down to the stomach is more relaxed. Flatulence is the voluntary or involuntary release of… Continuar lendo FLATULENCE AND ERUCTATION


HEPATITIS B What’s it? It’s a liver inflammation caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). How is it acquired? Blood transfusions used to be the main way of transmission, a circumstance that has become rare with the mandatory laboratory testing of donors. Currently, the sharing of syringes, needles and other instruments amid drug users, as… Continuar lendo HEPATITIS B


DM – Diabetes Mellitus What is it? A disease caused by deficiency in the production and/or action of insulin, which leads to acute symptoms and characteristic chronic complications. The disorder involves the metabolism of glucose, fats and proteins and has severe outcomes both when its onset is rapid and when it’s slow. Currently, it constitutes… Continuar lendo DIABETES MELLITUS