Luciana Parisotto, MD., M.A. in Medical Clinic in Neurology of the Sexual Behavior.

Nobody has an innate knowledge about sex, learn with your body!

One of the major causes of sexual problems dwells on misinformation and ignorance of your own body. If I don't know how I respond to sexual stimuli, what body parts are more sensitive to touch, how can I derive greater pleasure from myself and my partner? Look for specialized advise! At some point, in your intimacy, search your body, observe yourself in the looking glass, compare the spots in your body that cause more pleasant sensations. In order to teach a partner how to satisfy you, you need to teach him/her. There's no reason to be ashamed of learning. Usually, the process of discovery and learning is per se an aphrodisiac.

Don't get focused on orgasm, but on sensations

If you start a sexual relationship longing for the final pleasure immediately, it's highly likely that sooner or later some kind of frustration will come your way or your partner's. Weary uneventfulness may take over! The goal becomes the end, rather than the means. In sex, things don't work like this. Orgasm is the coronation of a sexual relationship, highly desired, necessary, yet not always indispensable. At times, try to satisfy your partner, cause him/her to feel good, delay as long as you can his/her climax. Skip it this time, postpone it to the next date. That's, undoubtedly, the key to restoring a couple's lust.

Risk as aphrodisiac: limits for sexual health

Looking for sex in forbidden, risk situations has its pros and cons. We know that low-intensity fear may stimulate sexual desire. However, what is the limit of exposure to risk, and on what circumstances must we halt the sexual activity so as to avoid damage?

You don't know the answer!

Fantasy is a safe and effective replacement for those that need risks and prohibitions to get sexually aroused. Fantasize along with your partner, create stories, there's no limit for dreaming. But get sexually involved with safety. The use of condom or other contraceptive method is a key element to damage prevention. Don't bring about unnecessary worries (the ones that spontaneously arise are enough).

Tension turns pleasure away