ABC DA SAÚDEEPREVENÇÃO LTDA, registered as a company on 05/24/2000 in Porto Alegre (Brazil) at #32860 (Registro Civil das Pessoas Jurídicas ) and at the CNPJ at # 03857060/0001-13, officially launched in October 2001 its health portal – www.abcdasaude.com.br – administered by the company's senior partner Rolf Udo Zelmanowicz, who also assumes the technical responsibility before the Regional Medicine Council of Rio Grande do Sul State, where the portal is registered at # CREMERS 2664, with the purpose to divulge to lay public educational information and guidance related to health care, promoting life quality through prevention and control of diseases and collective health problems.

Editorial Policy.

In order to accomplish the goals proposed above, we aim at establishing an editorial policy oriented by the professional qualification of our medical team, which is comprised of 50 senior health professionals of undisputed aptness, covering diverse medical specialties recognized by the Federal Medicine Council, in addition to guests from other professional areas.

Adopting a standard for the articles, written in a language accessible to lay public, without, however, neglecting the technical quality and the consistency of the information conveyed, we address about 500 health-related topics and ensure that the Portal isn't used for medical consultations, clinical diagnosis, drug prescription, or treatment of diseases and health problems, since a consultation demands dialogue, evaluation of the patient's physical and mental condition, and personal advisory is needed prior to any examination or medical procedure.

In addition, according to the health website ethics manual of the Regional Medicine Council of Rio Grande do Sul,"… publishing date, author's name and information review must be visible so that the reader can be sure that the site is up-to-date…".

ABC da Saúde complies with the Code of Conduct – HONcode (www.hon.ch/HONcode) for medicine and health websites: (Authority, Complementarity, Confidentiality, Attribution, Justifiability,Transparency of Authorship, Transparency of Sponsorship,Honesty in Advertising and Editorial Policy ) – from the Health On The Net Foundation (www.hon.ch), registered at #971452, which can be checked out by clicking here:


Advertising Policy

Our site www.abcdasaude.com.br receives paid ads from health-care providers and apt companies working in the health-care industry, which must be duly identified as "advertising".

We're extremely cautious and strictly comply with the sanctioned postulates of medical ethics determined by the Federal Medicine Council for its accredited companies. We also count on strong collaborations, of respectful history in the health industry: Medical Association of Rio Grande do Sul, Medical Union of Rio Grande do Sul and Brazilian Association of National Dentistry (ABO) – co-sponsors of our medical classified ads.

On the other hand, with the purpose to safeguard internet users, as well as our company, disclaimers are available on every page of the website.

Privacy Policy

ABC DA SAÚDE respects its visitors' privacy and strives for protecting it. ABC DA SAÚDE doesn't collect data that might identify our visitors. Personal data such as name and e-mail address are obtained only when visitors voluntarily fill in our forms, providing us with this kind of information. Such information will only be utilized by us with the purpose for which it was provided. Under no circumstance we'll supply or sell this information to third parties. We won't send, by any means, product and service offers, advertisement, or any unwanted information.

ABC DA SAÚDE doesn't use cookies and doesn't allow their use by third parties, or any other mechanism/technology to track down the visits to the Portal. It's possible to navigate through the whole site with the cookies disabled!

Some information such as: type of browser, operational system and visitor's provider name and IP, for instance, obtained only through web logs, is used in quantitative statistic reports in order to improve site navigation and count the number of visitors.

We avoid the use of javascript routines and pop-ups – except for one sole routine to open a new page for the classified ads, so that the visitor can notice the difference between editorial content and advertising (in separate windows).

To ensure maximum privacy we don't permit, even in the ads, external images, automatic links, automatic windows, external banners and other strategies that could record or track down the visitor on other websites.


We refuse any liability with respect to the use of the information accessed on the abcdasaude website, which goal is to inform, divulge and educate about medical topics. By no means the information published must replace the diagnosis made by a physician or be used in the treatment of any disease without previous medical consultation.

Disclaimer (2): Our section Clic Consulta Profissionais/Empresas is comprised of paid classifieds (advertising) that aim at facilitating the search for health-care providers, no recommendation is intended. The classifieds don't encompass all professionals, there may be others as apt and reliable. The health-care providers have been listed herein by their own choice, and they're solely and entirely responsible for the information provided. We must remember that participation in these classifieds is universal and open to anyone interested; the only requirement is to fulfill the criteria in the ABC/Profissionais form. – – www.abcdasaude.com.br/cadastro


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