ACNE popular names: acne vulgaris, pimples, blackheads, comedo. What is it? Acne vulgaris or juvenile acne is one of the most prevalent dermatoses (skin disorders), affecting about 80% of the adolescents, but it may persist or begin in adulthood. Its a disorder of the pilo-sebaceous unit called pyoderma (hair and sebacious gland). The most severe… Continuar lendo ACNE


Atopic Dermatitis Synonym: atopic eczema What is it? Atopic dermatitis is a chronic disease causing skin inflammation, leading to the development of lesions and pruritus. About 30% of the individuals with atopic dermatitis have asthma or allergic rhinitis, and 15% have urticaria fits. Some studies point out that 70% of the patients have a family… Continuar lendo ATOPIC DERMATITIS


HERPES SIMPLEX What is it? It’s an infection caused by a virus from the human herpes family (HSV-I and HSV-II). Every human herpes virus has some characteristics for infection and is able to establish a latent infection (non-manifested, hidden) in man. How is it acquired? Transmission occurs by direct contact of an individual’s infected lesion… Continuar lendo HERPES SIMPLEX


VITILIGO What’s it? It’s a disease in which a loss of skin pigmentation occurs (discoloration with white patches) affecting 1 to 2% of the world population, irrespective of racial, sexual or regional differences. Hair depigmentation may occur as well. How is it acquired? The cause is unknown, and there seems to be a family predisposition… Continuar lendo VITILIGO