HERPES SIMPLEX What is it? It’s an infection caused by a virus from the human herpes family (HSV-I and HSV-II). Every human herpes virus has some characteristics for infection and is able to establish a latent infection (non-manifested, hidden) in man. How is it acquired? Transmission occurs by direct contact of an individual’s infected lesion… Continuar lendo HERPES SIMPLEX


ERYSIPELAS Alternative name: streptococcal lymphangitis What s it? It s a skin infection usually caused by group A Streoptococcus pyogenes bacteria, but it can also be caused by other streptococci or even staphylococci. How does it develop? From a lesion caused by fungi (athlete s foot) between the toes, skin scratches, blisters in the feet… Continuar lendo ERYSIPELAS