AMEBIASIS What is it? It´s an infection by a parasite or protozoon that affects humans and can be restricted to the intestine, having diarrhea as its main symptom or causing fever and different symptoms depending on the “invaded” organ. More often, the usual organ to be compromised is the liver. The causative agent is the… Continuar lendo AMEBIASIS


CHAGAS DISEASE Synonym: American Trypanosomiasis What is it? It is an infectious disease caused by a parasite protozoan called Trypanosoma cruzi, named after the Brazilian scientist Carlos Chagas, who discovered it, in honor to another scientist, Oswaldo Cruz, also Brazilian. How is it acquired? When the Trypanosoma enters the blood of humans through the bite… Continuar lendo CHAGAS DISEASE


DM – Diabetes Mellitus What is it? A disease caused by deficiency in the production and/or action of insulin, which leads to acute symptoms and characteristic chronic complications. The disorder involves the metabolism of glucose, fats and proteins and has severe outcomes both when its onset is rapid and when it’s slow. Currently, it constitutes… Continuar lendo DIABETES MELLITUS


CHICKENPOX Alternative name: varicella What’s it? Chickenpox is a highly contagious infectious disease caused by a virus called varicella-zoster. This virus can cause several types of infections: primary (well-established chickenpox), latent (without clinical manifestation), and reactivation. This virus remains in our body for the whole life as though it were sleeping; its reactivation determines a… Continuar lendo CHICKENPOX