GASTRITIS Cláudio Wolff, MD, Gastroenterology Specialist by the Brazilian Federation of Gastroenterology.Fábio Segal, MD., Ph. D. in Clinical Medicine by the State University Rio Grande do Sul.Fernando Wolff, MD. Also known as stomach inflammation What is it? The stomach is a kind of sac that receives what we ingest. Internally, it's lined with a mucosa,… Continuar lendo GASTRITIS


INTRODUCTION TO RENAL DISEASES Humans possess two bean-shaped, dark-red colored kidneys. In adults, the kidneys measure 12cm each and weigh 130 to 170g each. They are located on the back, on both sides of the spinal column and are protected by the lower ribs. Each day the kidneys filter approximately 1,200 to 2,000 liters of… Continuar lendo INTRODUCTION TO RENAL DISEASES


CYSTITIS Protásio Alves, MD. Associate Professor, Surgery-Urology Department, Rio Grande do Sul State University (UFRGS). Cláudio Lima, MD, M.A. in Surgery-Urology, Rio Grande do Sul State University (UFRGS). What’s it and how is it acquired? Cystitis is what the inflammatory and/or infectious diseases of the urinary bladder are called. The most frequent cystitis cases are… Continuar lendo CYSTITIS