Very effective procedure performed by a sex therapist, professional – doctor or psychologist – specializing in the treatment of sexual disorders, able to clarify the physical problems and / or emotional problems related to such demands.

It is worth noting that, often, even if a disorder has a strictly organic character, it does not mean that the emotional aspect is not affected.Thus, a sex therapy is also necessary, in addition to medical supervision, so that self-esteem is recovered.  Unlike the physician, the psychologist expert in human sexuality is in charge of treating disorders in which the cause is not physical. Some patients arrive at the therapist's office with long-standingmasked issues, as they tried by any means not to confront the problem openly, thus further adding to the insecurity and ignorance that this issue can be addressed and overcome.

Some disorders have simple reasons and close relation to the day-to-day stress or anxiety, such as those with a psychological background, which even though they are closely related to the way of living, that is to say, they have a more immediate cause, they are not necessarily easier to be treated. Others, with an organic cause, can also modify the sexual response and interfere with daily life.As to the issue of organic disorder, only a physician can help a person through physical, accessory examinations to confirm or clarify the disease.

Time was when malfunctions were seen as diseases. Today, their context is more comprehensive and they are understood as representations of cultural and emotional influences . Thus, their symptoms cannot be treated separately; yet, in most cases, a prolonged treatment is not justified.

In the practice of psychology, the goal is to to fight the existing anxiety,by demystifying false beliefs and working on the psychological aspects that do not allow a fully bodily functioning .  To that end, psychotherapy may be based on individual therapy, couple therapy, or still both processes.
The treatment begins with an individual interview, sometimes followed up by another with the couple, where  some myths  about the treatment and the process itself are clarified.This is where are set the goals of the treatment, to which many respond quickly and favorably to the process by banning some obstacles to normal sexual function and pleasure. As the process advances, it is expected that the couple may unveil sexual responses heretofore unnoticed in themselves or in the partner.
Individual therapy aims to create conditions to increase self-knowledge and to make it possible the pleasure with oneself by learning how such a symptom is constructed, that is, what this picture has to tell about the person and the way he/she works in connection with the environment. It is through therapy, therefore, that we to review misconceptions and provide guidance, opening up new perspectives.

 The couple therapy, in turn, aims to facilitate the communication between them, in addition to mediating a greater knowledge about the functioning of the relationship, helping them to discover, among other factors, how the couple gets astray in their daily lives, and how this is reflected in their sexual dynamics. We must remember that when talking about sexuality, in most cases, the exercise is done in partnership. It is therefore of paramount importance that in some instances the treatment should include the partner, as he/she is somehow affected by all dysfunctions.

As an ally in the treatment, the sexual therapist can use some sex sexual exercises performed at home, aiming to boost some forgotten stimuli. A ajuda de um terapeuta sexual merece consideração, já que para as questões sexuais de ordem emocional não há medicamentos que possam ajudar a superar tal quadro. The help of a sex therapist is worth of consideration since, concerning emotionally-related sexual issues,  there are no medicines available to overcome such condition.

Perhaps the hardest part is for the individual to recognize that he/she needs help, that is no reason to carry such burden without support. It is important to look for a qualified professional, and not to feel embarrassed.  Sexual dysfunction is in itself a lot more suffering than the search for a professional dealing with the mechanisms of sexual response.
 According to WHO (World Health Organization), sexual health, other than a right, is viewed as an important element for personal well-being.Prejudice and shame are part of the lack of awareness of the problems in the sexual sphere.  It is a fact that 'real' obstacles  are complicated, but after overcoming the barrier of shame in seeking help from a professional, the individual realizes that his/her sexuality can be much more enjoyable and rewarding than it was prior to the treatment.

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